MDT PackageMapping issues in the Replace Scenario

There were quite a few potential issues with package mapping as designed, quite a few of these have been dealt with long ago, no wildcard support required sometime dozens of mapping entries for a single application, erroneous matches against obsolete objects, and no out of the box support for the Replace scenario just to name some of the more obvious ones.

The most serious ones unfortunately never presented themselves to me until just recently and a little too close to a deadline to deploy systems to real folks, not VM's.

  • ISSUE: Machines with multiple MAC addresses in either the RestoreMACAddresses or SourceMACAddresses columns in the v_StateMigration table fail to map packages or roles.
  • ISSUE: Duplicate MAC addresses in the environment caused by VMware adapters, cisco vpn adapters, aircards, other networking equipment that may use generic MAC addresses that get inventoried by ConfigMgr will cause mappings from multiple machines to be returned.

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